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Sectoral Work Plans & CSAP – ASEAN Economic Community Monitoring

Sectoral Work Plans & CSAP

Sectoral Work Plans

The strategic measures of the AEC Blueprint 2025 are implemented through the following sectoral work plans that have been adopted by the relevant AEC sectoral bodies and endorsed by the AEC Council:

The AEC 2025 Consolidated Strategic Action Plan (CSAP)

The AEC 2025 CSAP was endorsed by the ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) and ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Council Ministers in February 2017.

The AEC 2025 CSAP complements the AEC 2025 Blueprint by serving as a single reference document intended for the public to inform stakeholders of the key action lines that will be implemented in pursuit of ASEAN economic integration agenda from 2016 to 2025. This AEC 2025 CSAP is envisaged in the AEC Blueprint 2025 as follows:

(AEC Blueprint 2025, para. 82.ii.) “A strategic action plan will be developed comprising of key action lines that will operationalise the strategic measures in the AEC Blueprint 2025. The strategic action plan will take into account the relevant sectoral workplans, and will be reviewed periodically to account for developments in each sector.”

An important feature of the AEC 2025 CSAP is that it allows for more structured tracking and reporting of the implementation progress of the AEC Blueprint 2025. The AEC 2025 CSAP also facilitates stakeholder feedback to ASEAN economic integration priorities in the succeeding years, as it will be reviewed and updated periodically over the 10-year period of the AEC Blueprint 2025.

Download the AEC 2025 CSAP: