Main Documents

At the heart of the economic pillar is the ASEAN Economic Community Blueprint 2025. Closely aligned to the AECB 2025 is the AEC 2025 Consolidated Strategic Action Plan (CSAP). The CSAP comprises of key action lines from all relevant sectoral work plans (SWP) which correspond to the characteristics and elements in the AEC Blueprint 2025. The AEC 2025 CSAP will be reviewed periodically to account for developments in each sector, including through the annual prioritisation process by the sectoral bodies. The M&E activities of AIMD is closely guided by the AEC 2025 CSAP.

Sectoral bodies review and update their priorities on an annual basis. This annual prioritisation exercise of the AEC 2025 measures ensures continued relevance, facilitates the setting of intermediary milestones and guides assessment of progress in support of timely implementation of scheduled measures.