A Competitive, Innovative, and Dynamic ASEAN

  • ASEAN has, among others, adopted ASEAN High Level Principles for Consumer Protection, developed common guidelines on intellectual property, shared experiences on competition policies, and endorsed the ASEAN Good Regulatory Practices Core Principles.
  • To prepare for the digital economy and 4th industrial revolution, ASEAN has conducted an assessment of ASEAN’s Readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, signed the ASEAN Agreement on Electronic Commerce, and adopted the ASEAN Digital Integration Framework. Follow up work include the development of a consolidated strategy on the 4IR for ASEAN and an action plan for the Digital Integration Framework.
  • While on ICT and Telecommunications, work include endorsement of the ASEAN Digital Data Governance Framework in 2018, and promotion of lowering of Voice, SMS, and/or Data Roaming Charges in ASEAN, and developing an ASEAN International Mobile Roaming (IMR) framework