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ASEAN Economic Community Monitoring – Monitoring ASEAN Economic Integration

ASEAN Economic Community

Intro to ASEAN

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, is a regional body that was established on 8 August 1967.

AEC History

The history of the AEC goes back to the birth of ASEAN in 1967 and the foresight of the founding fathers of ASEAN.

AEC Blueprint

The AEC Blueprint 2025 is the main reference document for the ASEAN economic pillar.


The AEC operates based on a well formulated operational structure which prescribes the roles of the different AEC bodies.

Quick Facts

Quick facts present aggregated and disaggregated data on selected key indicators by year.

ASEAN Economic Community

About AIMD


The genesis of the AIMD was the Macroeconomic and Finance Surveillance Office (MFSO), which was set up by the ASEAN Finance Ministers in 2010.

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Structure & Responsibilites

AIMD is one of the three directorates under the ASEAN Economic Community Department.

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The responsibilities at AIMD are carried out by a team of dedicated personnel who are passionate about their work.

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About Us


AEC 2025 M&E Framework

The work of AIMD is guided by the AEC Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework.


Compliance is implementation of the delivery of key outputs.


Outcomes are change in sectoral or broad economic indicators as benefits that have resulted from implementation of the AEC Blueprint 2025


Impact are the benefits arising from regional economic integration

Report & Review

The progress of compliance monitoring and outcomes are reported periodically.