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AEC Sectoral Work Plans (SWPs)

The figure above presents a stylised overview of the roles of AEC bodies and sectoral bodies in monitoring the implementation of AEC Blueprint 2025 at the aggregate level and the sectoral work plans (SWP) at the sectoral level, and of ASEC.

The strategic measures of the AEC Blueprint 2025 are implemented through the following sectoral work plans that have been agreed among the relevant AEC sectoral bodies and endorsed by the AEC Council:

  1. AEC 2025 Strategic Action Plan for Trade in Goods
  2. ASEAN 2025 Trade Facilitation Strategic Action Plan
  3. Broad Direction for Customs Activities from 2016-2025
  4. ASEAN Standards and Conformance Strategic Plan 2016-2025
  5. Strategic Action Plan for Services 2016-2025
  6. 2016-2025 Investment Work Programme
  7. Strategic Action Plans for Financial Integration 2016-2025
  8. ASEAN Competition Action Plan 2016-2025
  9. ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for Consumer Protection 2016-2025
  10. ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Action Plan 2016-2025
  11. ASEAN Transport Strategic Plan (Kuala Lumpur Transport Strategic Plan) 2016-2025
  12. ASEAN Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Masterplan 2020
  13. ASEAN Work Programme on Electronic Commerce 2017-2025
  14. ASEAN Plan of Action on Energy Cooperation 2016-2025, Phase 1 (2016-2020)
  15. Strategic Plan for ASEAN Cooperation in Food, Agriculture and Forestry 2016-2025
  16. ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan 2016-2025
  17. Strategic Action Plan 2016-2025 for ASEAN Taxation Cooperation
  18. ASEAN Minerals Cooperation Action Plan 2016-2025, Phase 1 (2016-2020)
  19. ASEAN Plan of Action on Science Technology and Innovation 2016-2025
  20. ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for SME Development 2025
  21. ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS) Strategic Plan 2016-2025
  22. ASEAN Work Plan for Enhancing the Global Value Chain (GVC) Agenda 2016-2025
  23. ASEAN Work Plan on Good Regulatory Practice 2016-2025

The Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) Work Plan III and the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC) 2025 also include AEC-related components.