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The ASEAN Integration Monitoring Directorate (AIMD)

The staff of the ASEAN Integration Monitoring Directorate at the Celebration of ASEAN’s 50th Anniversary (ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia, August 2017)

The ASEAN Integration Monitoring Directorate (AIMD) is one of the three directorates under the ASEAN Economic Community Department of the ASEAN Secretariat.

The AIMD is responsible, among others, for spearheading the implementation of regional surveillance and economic integration monitoring in ASEAN; providing high level policy and technical advice and recommendations to support ASEAN economic integration initiatives; shaping the economic research and policy analysis programme of ASEAN Secretariat; ensuring effective information dissemination, communication and reporting on ASEAN economic integration; and providing in-house capacity development for economic integration monitoring, analysis and research.

The Directorate comprises of four divisions, namely:

  1. Monitoring, Surveillance, and Coordination Division
  2. Analysis and Monitoring on Trade, Industry & Emerging Issues Division
  3. Analysis and Monitoring on Finance & Socio-Economic Issues Division, and
  4. Statistics Division

The genesis of the AIMD was the Macroeconomic and Finance Surveillance (MFSO), which was set up by the ASEAN Finance Ministers in 2010. Taking into account relevant developments, the mandate of the MFSO was refocused in 2011 on monitoring ASEAN economic integration, and was renamed as the ASEAN Integration Monitoring Office (AIMO). AIMO was responsible for managing the AEC 2015 Scorecard.

Since 1 January 2016, and following endorsement of the ASEC New Structure at the 17th Meeting of the ASEAN Coordinating Council, AIMO was regularised as AIMD.


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