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ASEAN Updates AEC 2025 Consolidated Strategic Action Plan (ver. Aug 2018)

14 August 2018 – ASEAN updated the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2025 Consolidated Strategic Action Plan (CSAP) to include action lines from sectoral work plans.

Following its first publication on 6 February 2017, and as mandated by the AEC Council, the AEC 2025 CSAP was updated to include the Strategic Action Plan 2016-2025 for ASEAN Taxation Cooperation, the ASEAN Work Programme on Electronic Commerce 2017-2025, the AEC 2025 Trade Facilitation Strategic Action Plan. The updates also include ASEAN Work Plan on Good Regulatory Practices 2016-2017 and changes to the timelines and key action lines of other AEC sectoral bodies—all of which were endorsed after the initial publication.

The AEC 2025 CSAP complements the AEC 2025 Blueprint by serving as a single reference document intended to inform stakeholders of the key action lines that will be implemented in pursuit of ASEAN economic integration agenda from 2016 to 2025. These action lines are drawn from across the AEC Sectoral Work Plans.

The AEC 2025 CSAP will be reviewed and updated periodically to take into account developments over the ten-year period of the AEC Blueprint 2025 implementation and facilitate stakeholder feedback on ASEAN economic integration priorities.

Click here to download the updated AEC 2025 CSAP.